How can I help in translation?

• Jul 2, 2014 - 15:12


I am using Musescore in Hebrew.
Only some parts of the software is in Hebrew and the rest is not translated. Also, There are errors in the translation.

How can I help in fixing that?



Hey Oded, thanks for stepping in to improve the Hebrew translation. While the translation in the current 1.3 release definitely needs work, I would propose you discard that and work on the translation of the future MuseScore 2.0 instead. We also have a better translation workflow in place which makes it easier to test your translation. Read more at

To get started, first download and install the MuseScore nightly build: This nightly build is what will become eventually MuseScore 2.0. You can run the nightly build without any problems next to your current MuseScore 1.3.

To translate the MuseScore software, head over to Transifex via You will have to make an account there in order to start translating.

Keep me posted if anything is not clear.

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