Lag in playback at tremolo parts or on 32nd note and above

• Apr 13, 2018 - 06:23
S4 - Minor

When playback starts, it may occurring some sort of lagness in application when it play in some tremolo part and 3nd notes.


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Thanks for replying, and sorry for my late reply.
It is like buzzing when doing playback on the measure that have a tremolo like '32nd through stem' type on it or in any staffs that bears some 32nd note or any measure that have such a long tremolo.

Just as i thought, maybe its just happened to some instruments as I try many such as Organ, Pipe Organ, Plucked Strings Type. It doesn't seems to play normally when it reach that parts.
Or maybe it is only occuring because of my laptop's operational system?
When its happened on playback, the sound will be snappy and the apps become lagging and for the worst it may become not responding and force the apps to close down by itself.

Here i uploaded the scores for the problems occuring.
The examples is on the 4th Guitar part, measures numbered 25-43 and 44 till end of the scores.

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Can't hear any buzzing too. I can sometimes hear lags (pretty serious ones) when a lot of instruments play tremolo together, but not in this file.