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• Apr 16, 2018 - 01:02

I'm recreating the music for a HTML online book. I send the postprocessor MuseScore, pngs, midi, and XML files. I'm nearly finished with my project, and I'm having trouble with my XMLs.

When I saved my last XML, it didn't show in the preview with the XML logo. It shows a blank page called MXL. If I open it, it looks like XML. I deleted and tried resaving. It will only save as a MXL file. All the other files display and open as XML, however, if I try to resave one of the previous files, it will not save as XML, only MXL.

I rebooted and updated my computer. I downloaded and repaired MuseScore. I deleted and then downloaded a fresh copy of MuseScore. Still getting the same results.

I'm attaching an XML from a different piece and the MXL I'm getting for the current piece.


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Thank you, JM. :)

I renamed it for consistency and accessibility to Project Gutenberg users. It is not unusual to have a reader on an old cell phone in a third world country. Project Gutenberg and Distributed Proofreaders are very concerned about accessibility. XMLs and midis are included in HTML books containing music.

It's a nuisance to have to rename the file, but I will do whatever is necessary to continue using MuseScore for my DP music team work. I like the program.

Please send a message up the line that including the option of XML would benefit many end users.

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