Include .xml suffix for export

• Apr 16, 2018 - 04:13
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Replacing the .xml with the .musicxml has caused confusion among users. It also make the users who overcome the confusion to have to change the extensions so their files are compatible with their existing projects and programs. Adding the .xml extension as an alternative to the .musicxml extension as far as I know causes no compatibility issues for the users. If there are some issues, then the few cases would need at most 3 lines of code to decide if it is necessary write the version 3.0 info or the older info to match the extension. The older code would still be on github so it would be a matter of copy and paste.


I don't use the feature. I put in the request because too many people have been confused by the absence of the .xml extension not only on the English forum but others also.

Reported version 2.3  
Regression No
Workaround No

Was the request buried? I mean, because MuseScore 3 is already released, but the xml file extension still remains a dream?

Workaround No Yes
Frequency Many

And still the workaound is to rename the .musicxml extension to .xml (which is a bit of a pain, esp. on Windows)

Thanks Jojo, renaming is already clear. But it's no fun if you have to do it very often. I exchange my music notes with many users of other (commercial) music notation programs. Since some of them cost a lot of money, not everyone uses the latest version, which perhaps already supports the musicxml file extension. The motivation for a renaming by the inventors of the format (Recordare, now Finale?) is already clear, they should have done that from the very beginning. But now? MXL (always looks like a typo by the way, even a not very logical file extension) would be a way to bypass renaming, but isn't always so well-supported (doesn't work in the Windows version of LilyPond at the moment, for example).
It would be nice if you would make the work easier for the many-export-people (like me). Radically cutting off old braids reminds me of Apple (I don't like that about them at all). Open source projects should perhaps be a little more aware of the past. Maybe there are even some MuseScore 1.3 users (at least I still have it installed) ;-)

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I feel like a groundhog, but what happened to the musicxml xml file extension export for nostalgics?
The Github oracle said in May:
Well hidden behind an advanced setting ...
always available to the commandline -o option though.

Commandline means in the terminal to export file X.mscz as X.xml, or as start parameter to enable this function in MuseScore itself?

Naive question: The file extensions for the export are also not stored anywhere in an editable file (e.g. with text/hex editor)?
By the way: you could have done it like in GIMP, that you stick to the file extension entered by the user when exporting the file type (and this extension is then also used). In GIMP, where of course there are many more export formats, you can specify e.g. picture.tif, then GIMP exports it automatically into the TIF format without having to select it in the drop-down menu.
Then you could banish the unpopular file extension xml and the user can just enter mysong.xml, whereupon MuseScore saves it as muscxml file with the file extension xml.

I think it is the same in MuseScore, just that it has explicitly been tought to not know .xml as an extension anymore.
Getting that back would boil down to that one line in my PR

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Musescore 3.5: Hooray, hooray, hooray the xml file extension is finally back! Thanks a lot for making it happen after all.
It will be a relief for many who come from another music notation program or who have to exchange information with other (older) music notation programs. Especially users of commercial music notation programs still use quite old versions (no wonder, considering the prices).

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