Importing MusicXml Files

• Nov 9, 2019 - 01:17

The forums say that you can import music XML files like normal mscz files but this is not the case. An in depth response would be appreciated...


Never mind I figured it out but for anybody needing help what I did was save it as a .musicxml file and when I opened Finale I then saved it as .mxl (which is basically a compressed .musicxml file) and clicked open with, then other apps, then muse score (3 in my case), and then I made sure that there were no invade characters (!@#$%^&*() space and others like that) opened it in muse score 3 and downloaded it as a .mscz file and uploaded it.

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You're absolutely right ! It's definitively an import, since it creates a new score by interpreting the contents of the .musicXML file.

Actually I've had the exact same question as SpartanAlpha820: I wanted to know how to "see" the contents of a .musicXML file and this is how I came across this thread... and later I decided to add the answer I would have liked to find here (in case someone else has the same question (as they do on stackoverflow)) !

Maybe I should rephrase my answer as:

Though there is a File / Import PDF... menu item, there is no explicit import musicXML menu item.

Instead, if you want to "import" a .musicXML file, just click menu File / Open... and select the .musicXML file.

Musescore will read the contents of the .musicXML file and create a score to be saved as a .mscz file or exported as a .musicXML file.

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