The Midi plays at the wrong tempo

• Apr 18, 2018 - 16:03
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I have a midi im transcripting to sheet, and the tempo of this midi is 85, if i play the midi in other program that supports it is fine, but whenever i try to play it at Musescore the tempo is wrong (changes to 59). i saw an option that provides you a slider where you can change the tempo, but is useless since the song's tempo changes again in the next minutes of reproduction.

The point is, Why Musescore plays my midi at a diferent tempo? how this can be solved?


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Status needs info closed

Please use the support forum for support request like this, and also attach the midi or score.
The tempo slider in the play panel is for temporary overrides, the real tempo setting is done via a tempo text (and in absence of any, the default tempo is 120 beats or quarter notes per minute)