downloading scores

• Apr 19, 2018 - 01:47

I am trying to download to my computer but when I try
to load it up Musescore crashes.
I am using Musescore 2.2.1


It was created with version 2.0.2. It opens with 2.1. I suspect it has to do with a "Fix" that was made for tuplets in version 2.2.1 that causes a crash when certain tuplets are encountered that were made in earlierversions.

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And indeed the problem is a tuplet of ratio 4/6 in measure 1, second staff, second voice, which contains only 11 32nd notes instead of 12 32nd notes (i.e. one 32nd note was deleted when writing the file, most probably the first note of the tuplet).
Therefore the "fix", which was introduced to try to at least save as much as possible of tuplets affected by the "bug" #202271: Copy-paste sextuplets/octuplets and their removal leads to corruption and a series of related "bugs", is able to sanitize all the tuplets present in the file except this one, and the crash actually happens inside function TDuration::isValid, which crashes instead of being able to tell that the duration of the computed candidate baselength duration (which results to be 1/192 for this uncomplete tuplet) is not a valid duration.

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