Old score: system and lyric spacing not what I am used to seeing on my new scores

• Apr 19, 2018 - 04:08

This score has the lyrics conflicting with the Voice 2 stems for the top staff. And the systems after the first are a bit closer than what I would have expected based on other recent scores I have started that are also on my profile. Is something set bad that I need to reset?


Tom Haws


Apparently a 1.x score that got imported to and last saved with 2.2.1.
Increase system min distance (you had set it to -0.8) and lyrics upper margin, see attached, where I also reset all texts and the voltas to their 2.x default. Also turned the 1st measure into a true pickup measure and added the bracket to the system, the 2nd voltas and 2 missing lyrics syllables. Updated the score properties too.

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"Increase system min distance and lyrics upper margin" This is great advice! It worked.

And wow! Your fix looks great. That brings up another question: Is there a way for me to take your score and put it as a replacement upload for mine in the link above? I tried the Update Score link a few days ago for another song, and got a web server (500, I believe) error. Would that be the correct way?

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