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• Apr 20, 2018 - 10:09
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Liebe Musescore-Tüftler,

ich finde Musescore ein Super-Programm, doch stolpere ich bei den Paletten immer über den Ausdruck "Dynamiken". "Dynamik" gibt's nur im Singular, wenn es unbedingt Plural sein soll, dann besser "Dynamische Zeichen". Ansonsten: Weiter so!

English Abstract:
Please replace the term "Dynamiken" by either "Dynamik" or "Dynamische Zeichen". There is no plural for the German word "Dynamik".

Viele Grüße
Ivo Harms


Status (old) needs info fixed
Status needs info fixed

But "Dynamikbezeichnungen" should work too, and we use that in other places already (in Text Style and Selection Filter, so now we'll use that here too, so we can fix this issue and gain consistency, so catch 2 birds with one stone ;-)
Translation updated, just refresh it (in an hour or so)

Msg. Nr. 1:

Dear Jojo Schmitz,

Thank you for the swift reply. I will check with my fellow music colleagues via facebook and then let you know about the outcome.
Kindly yours,

Msg. Nr. 2:
Hello Jojo!

I don’t know if you’re German (the name implies so), but „Dynamikbezeichnungen“ seems more apt. Us Germans - we cannot accept short, easy terms ;-)
Take care,

The feedback on Facebook regarding "Dynamiken" is mixed (some say plural is okay, some say it's not). I may want to double-check with my old college professors.
Take care, I.H.