Does anyone know how to insert fonts into musescore and musescore portable?

• Apr 24, 2018 - 16:30

Does anyone know how I can take my downloaded fonts and insert in to my Musescore and Musescore Portable versions? I haven't been able to find it on the forum, or the handbook. If anyone does it would be great if they could show me.

Thanks, Landon.


What if I am using a personal font? Something I created that is not alphanumeric, because some characters have been replaced with symbols.

If I upload my score, the font is not available on, so the score is diplayed as gibberish.

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org or com, thought it was the same entity.

I came up with a work around, screen capture on my computer.
need the personal font.

the glyphs are in the private plane of unicode of musicXML, at some point.
meantime I needed to create a font in order to do scoring and demonstration.
The font is about to be released.
How do I get a font included into musescore?

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No. .org if for MuseScore itself, the free and open source stuff, handbook and support, while .com is the commercial side, for sharing scores and the player/songbook apps

Not sure how likely it is that another font would get included, but a first step would certainly be to show it here ;-)

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