Does anyone know how to insert fonts into musescore and musescore portable?

• Apr 24, 2018 - 16:30

Does anyone know how I can take my downloaded fonts and insert in to my Musescore and Musescore Portable versions? I haven't been able to find it on the forum, or the handbook. If anyone does it would be great if they could show me.

Thanks, Landon.


What if I am using a personal font? Something I created that is not alphanumeric, because some characters have been replaced with symbols.

If I upload my score, the font is not available on, so the score is diplayed as gibberish.

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org or com, thought it was the same entity.

I came up with a work around, screen capture on my computer.
need the personal font.

the glyphs are in the private plane of unicode of musicXML, at some point.
meantime I needed to create a font in order to do scoring and demonstration.
The font is about to be released.
How do I get a font included into musescore?

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No. .org if for MuseScore itself, the free and open source stuff, handbook and support, while .com is the commercial side, for sharing scores and the player/songbook apps

Not sure how likely it is that another font would get included, but a first step would certainly be to show it here ;-)

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I looked into google fonts, just a black hole, they never responded. Tried to hire consultants to guide me thru google fonts, one never responded, the other said interesting but not their cup of tea and could provide no referrals.

>Nothing to do with being non-alphanumeric though, Unicode has lots of glyphs
what I mean: the A or 3 buttons on my keyboard, do not relate to the concept of "A" or "3", they do relate to non-alphanumeric concepts in SMuFL, which is located in a temporary private plane of Unicode, therefore are not permanent and recognized Unicode symbols.

On the SMuFL side of things:
The proposal to create a new music instrument called "feet" was approved by W3 Music notation. The tap dance symbols are from the 1950's, called Kahnotation. At this point the SMuFL Kahnotation music font symbols should be buried into Musescore libraries as part of SMuFL & derivatives.

From a practical point of view, these tap symbols are best used as text fonts, not music fonts. B for brush, H for hop, T for tap on the keyboard are far easier than fishing symbols out of a palette. So I use the Kahnotation font I created, which loads as a typical OS font, which works in word, excel, and musescore. I do not anticipate the SMuFL music fonts will ever have other musical properties such as pitch, timbre, etc.

Back to the original problem
I cannot put up music-dance scores on musescore because the tap symbols come as regular alphanumeric text, rather than the music feet symbols defined in SMuFL/W3. I can generate PDFs, but that is not the same thing.

Is there a way to get this Kahnotation font included in Musescore? This is an exceptional circumstance, the first formal integration of a dance notation into music notation. There is nothing historically comparable, and it is unlikely something else like it will happen.

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