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Issue MuseScore 3 is not available as a PortableApp on Windows Riaan van Niekerk 38 5 days ago
Forum topic Does anyone know how to insert fonts into musescore and musescore portable? Blue Boi 14 9 months ago
Forum topic Spezielle Schriftart für Version 3 uhrenteddy 29 9 months ago
Issue Buttons in plugin manager too small for their texts by default Bart.S 19 11 months ago
Forum topic MuseScore Portable App 2.3 release date Riaan van Niekerk 19 1 year ago
Issue Musescore v2.3 crashes at startup if splash screen is disabled drowo 36 1 year ago
Forum topic confusing for beginners first using the program rogerdpack 15 1 year ago
Forum topic [Flatpak] Can open multiple instances jurf 9 1 year ago
Issue [New Website] Language switch missing RobFog 23 1 year ago
Issue Replace broken "Component" filter in issue tracker with "Version" Bart.S 4 2 years ago
Issue Upgrade to 2.0.3 eats settings: custom soundfont path is lost Bart.S 34 3 years ago
Issue MuseScore 2.0 portable app can't run at the same time as a nigtly build (3.0), if started after that Jojo-Schmitz 12 3 years ago
Issue MuseScore Portable download link is broken Bart.S 15 4 years ago
Issue Improve icons for MuseScore Portable Bart.S 14 6 years ago
Forum topic MuseScore 1.2 gone tinny (Portable ver) pinkharrier 18 7 years ago
Issue Unnecessary ampersand, Preferences -> Shortcuts (German locale) Bart.S 3 9 years ago
Issue Command line option to change config/settings directory Bart.S 7 9 years ago
Forum topic The previous session quit unexpectedly Bart.S 2 9 years ago
Forum topic Is it possible to change the splash screen? Bart.S 3 9 years ago