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Issue Buttons in plugin manager too small for their texts by default Bart.S 19 2 years ago
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Issue Musescore v2.3 crashes at startup if splash screen is disabled drowo 36 2 years ago
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Forum topic [Flatpak] Can open multiple instances jurf 9 3 years ago
Issue [New Website] Language switch missing RobFog 23 3 years ago
Issue Replace broken "Component" filter in issue tracker with "Version" Bart.S 4 3 years ago
Issue Upgrade to 2.0.3 eats settings: custom soundfont path is lost Bart.S 34 5 years ago
Issue MuseScore 2.0 portable app can't run at the same time as a nigtly build (3.0), if started after that Jojo-Schmitz 12 5 years ago
Issue MuseScore Portable download link is broken Bart.S 15 6 years ago
Issue Improve icons for MuseScore Portable Bart.S 14 8 years ago
Forum topic MuseScore 1.2 gone tinny (Portable ver) pinkharrier 18 9 years ago
Issue Unnecessary ampersand, Preferences -> Shortcuts (German locale) Bart.S 3 10 years ago
Issue Command line option to change config/settings directory Bart.S 7 10 years ago
Forum topic The previous session quit unexpectedly Bart.S 2 10 years ago
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