musescore 4

• Feb 22, 2023 - 17:38

Hi everyone, I just installed MS 4.0.1 on my pc (Lenovo Thinkpad - Intel core i5) and I hear no sound. Version 3 worked fine. Any idea? Thanks


Go to View/Playback setup, and make sure MS Basic or Muse Sounds (if you downloaded Muse Sounds) is active. Then open the Mixer to assign sounds. Check volume levels.

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Thanks, but it still doesn't work. I see "MS Basic is active" and MS Basic assigned to all the instruments, and I checked even volume levels but... no sound at all.
I use Musescore portable versions and I wonder if it's still available v 3.6.2, so I could unistall v4.0.1 and re-install v.3.6.2, but I didn't found it.

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