[New Website] Language switch missing

• Aug 2, 2017 - 18:35
S4 - Minor

I'm very interested in the new website (https://new.musescore.org/de) and want to test it. However, what distracts me greatly when navigating the pages is the fact that I'm presented with words from a multitude of languages: English, German, French. I assume the website intends to serve me the German translation based on some heuristic but the translation is incomplete. Curiously, there is also a French word, "Téléchargement", in the mix.

How I can change the website's language to English so I can move on with testing without language getting in the way?


Thank you for stepping up. We are still developing the localisation system, so it's not finished yet. I'll come back to this issue when it's ready for user testing. Thank you for your patience.

We are working to put a language switcher in place so you can switch between the different languages of the site.

Thanks! I've fixed some of the strings on the front page, musescore.org. The amount of untranslated strings overwhelms me, currently.

Easiest is probably to spot untranslated strings and then search and translate those. I've been working on translating the German pages too today BTW.

@Jojo @Rob Don't translate untranslated strings, only those you see. We will find a way to put only the relevant strings on Transifex which will be not much. In any case, all the work you do will be preserved, so it's not wasted effort.

That is what I meant (and did). Seeing an untranslated string on the site, searching that in the translation interface and translating just that

Title [New Website] Translation [New Website] Language switch missing
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I guess that is what this issue boils down to

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Status active closed

The language switcher is in place now, in the footer of the site.