• Apr 26, 2018 - 13:57

I am currently unable to use ritardando's without installing a plugin. I can't download the plugin however without administrator approval which I cannot get. ritardando's should be a basic feature to any scoring software, and you should have it available without downloading a plugin


A couple of points to clarify:

1) You don't need administrator approval to install a plugin. My guess is you are tryin to install ito MuseScore's own internal plugins folder, but that's not the right way to do it. Instead you should be installing to your own plugins folder (right next to your scores folder).

2) To be clear, the scoring of ritardandos does not require a plugin, that would indeed be unfortunate for a scoring program :-). However, getting them to also play back is indeed made easier using a plugin. Playback is not the primary purpose of scoring software, so it's not unusual that certain playback features might require a bit of extra work or have limitations.

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OP wrote:
...can't download the plugin without administrator approval which I cannot get.

Since no plugin download is possible, installing it into any plugin folder is impossible.
Therefore, only the notation is possible -- unless the ritardando playback is created 'the old way'.


To be entirely clear; the plugin doesn't perform magic, it merely automates the technique already described in the handbook:
Use invisible tempo markings on each segment to simulate a more gradual change in tempo.

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