Plugin for writing music as numbers

• Apr 27, 2018 - 13:26

Hello dear community,
I'm programming a plugin which should read the music in one score and write it as numbers in an other score. So there should be for every C a 1, for every Cis a #1, for every D a 2 and so on. Is it possible to change the characteristics of the score correspondingly? I also would like to have only 1 line instead of the standard (5 lines).


I don't think you can have numbers instead of note heads. but the notenames plugin could be modified to display those number instead of ther note names, as staff text (above the score)

Or maybe they could get added as fingerings.

The only time numbers are shown in staves is in tablature staves, and it is fret numbers there

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Tablature dusplay won't show 1, #1, 2, b3 and so forth, it is limited to a single digit per fret. I have proposed allowing customization of tablatures that could be used as you wish, but it has not had anything done with it. I need to look into if it is a proper feature request that might be able to be acted upon or if I need to enter an actual feature request.

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