add mountain dulcimer incl. a tab preset

• Dec 29, 2016 - 07:59
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Currently, MuseScore does not allow to enter tabs for diatonic fretted instruments. This request comes up regularly.
It mainly concerns the mountain/appalachian dulcimer instrument (, whose roots are European with the zitter family:

See discussions:

It also concerns instruments of early music, the renaissance cittern, see here: (and here, end of page:

But also contemporary derivative instruments eg among others: (discussion:


fwiw, I have been learning Mtn Dulcimer and would like to pile-on to this request for support of that instrument's odd fret numbering scheme. The vast majority of Mtn Dulcimer folk are using TablEdit as it explicitly supports the "+" fret notation. But, honestly, that program is pretty painful to use as compared to Musescore (plus I'm all-Linux, and TablEdit is Windows). I do have some light coding skills and am willing to contribute. But watching the commentary on this over the past few years leads me to believe this is likely beyond my skill level to take on. Still, if I can help, I will!

That fix still won't allow instruments be diatonic fretted, will it? As far as I know MuseScore code still assumes that frets are always tuned chromatically, and support for diatonic frets would require some more changes in libmscore itself.

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I don't know why this feature request was closed. As said by @rocchio, "this (ie "add mountain dulcimer" as instrument) allows for chromatic tab only"
Nothing to do with diatonic tab, as sufficiently clear in the title: diatonic fretted instruments
I reopen.

Title Ability to enter Tabs for diatonic fretted instruments add mountain dulcimer incl. a tab preset
Status active fixed

This issue originally was about adding appalachian dulcimer. That got done, issue closed.
Then for some invisible reason the title got changed into something entirely differnt, something that needs a new issue

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Please, where, when, and why the "original" title (mine) was changed? It's a minima a mistake.

In more, by reading entirely my first exposition/comment, you would have noted this request was not originally about adding appalachian dulcimer only. All instruments (zittern family, renaissance cittern, strumstick etc. ) with diatonic frets were concerned.

  1. Initial post: It mainly concerns the mountain/appalachian dulcimer instrument
  2. Fix: fix #153016: add mountain dulcimer incl. a tab preset
  3. What links here, the majority:
    • #284406: 6+1/2 fret for Appalachian Dulcimer
    • #40756: Diatonic Accordion Tabulature for "Griffschrift"
    • Appalachian / Mountain Dulcimer Tabs in 3.6
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Just open a new one and let this here rest in peace

Unfortunately, I'm afraid there is a complete confusion exactly what it was about. It was a request about indeed mainly the Appalachian dulcimer (simply because it is the fretted instrument mostly used nowadays with this kind of fret arrangement) but not only as noted above.
You have missed the demand was about the TAB perfectly reflects the diatonic, I repeat, character of these instruments.

You can see the difference in display here (first TAb, chromatic current result, Second TAB, wished diatonic result)

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 00.43.18.png

As this point, I prefer to open a new thread, as expressed in the Google summer of code idea.

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