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• May 3, 2018 - 19:55

Gentlemen, I am experiencing difficulty applying the correct repeats and ending marks for the attached score.
Therefore, to enable you to see how I envision the piece being played, you will see a 'How to Play' plan beneath measure 47.
I had codas and segnos in at one time but it would not play back as I expected, so I assumed I did not use them correctly.
I shall most certainly appreciate any assistance you can offer.

  • an great fan of Musescore,
    Papa John
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I added a Horizontal Frame to be visually correct. (Doing so will not affect traffic. Only that section separates visually from the others.)

How to Insert Horizontal Frame :
1. Select the measure.
2. Right click, outside of the blue (selection) border a little.
3. A (narrow) menu will appear.
4. Select "Frames >> Insert Horizontal Frame" option.
1. Select the measure.
2. Click "Add" menu (on Top)
3. Select "Frames >> Insert Horizontal Frame" option.

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My thanks to you as well! I have been playing music for over 50 years, and have scored a few of my own pieces or arrangements of others' work, but did not know how to 'apply' those tools.
Y'all on the Musescore Support team are so very helpful to rookies such as myself!
- Papa John

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