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• May 6, 2018 - 12:54

Hi all,

I have been routinely using the Electric Bass instrument and hijacking the pop & slap channels for guitar effects (distortion, clean, jazz, etc.).

I have noticed a new problem:
In my example, the first chord plays fine; the second chord has the last un-tied note played in the 'default' channel sound (overdrive). Can anyone offer help? or is this a bug to report?

Fair warning:
If I cut/paste the whole note chords I can make it work fine for a bit, but the problem eventually reappears.


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Since I'm not well versed in guitar sounds, but well versed in using the midi channels. Can you explain what I'm listening for, like the dummy I am?

I'll tell you want I hear. I hear two different chords. The difference in sound seems to be the notes. The first is a weird chord (for classical music) made up of a I, V, I IV, the second is a vanilla major chord.

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It's not the notes; they are fine.
On the second chord, the last note ( the untied note) comes in with the distorted sound rather than the clean sound of every other note. They should all be on the clean (Hawaiian) patch.

(edit: and the first chord is just an inverted Csus2 (G bass))

And a side note:
Is your guitar set to "D string" which is an octave low? (Drop D?) *1
There is D3 instead of D4. (in String Data)

*1: If this is not the case, the problem may arise in TAB notation.

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I noticed that, but I haven't investigated.
No, no odd string choices, apart from the fact that it started off with a changed Bass.
I don't know why this one is like that; I'll check my other pieces.
I am pretty much color-blind and I don't use the range reminders much.

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