A problem with trills...

• May 6, 2018 - 17:46

So... I recently was arranging Rite of Spring for orchestra, as you do, and i ran into
a strange playback bug/issue with the trill that i found extremely annoying.

Firstly, when you play the trill, it starts WAY too fast (iv'e tried writing it manually too but i wan't at all satisfied with the result) , however, this is not the main issue.

As i listened to the trill i noticed that it was playing the 2 notes at the exact same time!!! It may just sound like it's playing at the exact same time because it is being played quite fast and if so, surely there should be a way to change the speed of it. Correct me if i'm wrong but i am almost certain that there is not a way to change the speed of trills (beside writing it out manually). Also the trill starts fine until after a couple of beats it messes up : (

I do know MuseScore's purpose is to write scores, orchestrate and various things like that, but i find an issue like this could be prevented and should be fixed promptly.

I am unaware wether this is a bug or a feature needs to be added so i'm going to put in the Feature Request Forum and the Support and Bug fixes one.
Thank you - lolageman18

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