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• May 8, 2018 - 17:13

I have been having trouble exporting MuseScore files to MP3. In the version before v 2.2 came out I would write the score, click Export and then a pop -up bar would appear with a moving scale starting at 0% to 100%. If it works properly this scale would complete the export to my chosen folder to MP3 in about 3 to 5 seconds depending on the file size. More often than not it would take about 2-5 MINUTES and then not even complete the export. If I see the export is going very slowly, I would cancel and start again. Usually after about 2 - 5 attempts it would suddenly export in 2 - 5 seconds.

Now in the latest version 2.2, I sometimes need up to 20 attempts for the export to go through in the short time. Also it takes about 10 seconds for the export scale to appear whereas before it appeared almost instantaneous.

Can anyone help please?



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The difference between 2.1 and earlier and 2.2 and later is that now the lame_enc.dll needed for MP3 export is included in the latter, for Windows. In the former that wasn't possible due to patents/licenses that hadn't expired when those versions got released. I can't imagine that this difference causes those issues though.

Another difference (and for all platforms) is a different default soundfont and some changes to the internal synthesizer.

Try this trick: (Maybe it will work on your system too.)
(without this; export can take a long time sometimes. for ".ogg" and ".mp3").

Prior to export;
Close Mixer; Synthesizer and Play Panel windows.
Play a few measures. (It is enough to play 2 measures in my system);
Then: Export it.
My system is: Win7; 32; 2.1; 2.3nightly

I, too, am on Windows 10, 64.
MuseScore 2.2.1

Can you attach a score you are having problems exporting to .mp3?
I'll give it a try.


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Thanks. See attached file. The problem I have not with any specific file. This happens to ALL or any of my MuseScore files (more than 400 of them!). For example if I make a small change and want to update the MP3 version then I have to go through this painful procedure. If I persist it will eventually convert, but sometimes I need as many as 15 attempts.

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See See Rider SING swing.mscz 27.46 KB

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Hi Jojo,

I have Windows 10, 64 bit and 8GB RAM (rest not sure of). Must be something to do with my system. If I am lucky the song will export on first attempt, but usually only after any number of attempts from 2 to 15. It worked better with the previous version of MuseScore which did not have the 'Lame' software inbuilt so you had to download it separately - which I did. I also think there maybe something a bit funny with the way the latest version of MuseScore works with the Lame now built in.
But thanks anyway. I will speak to my IT friends to see if they can suggest anything.

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No problem here, either.
Windows 10, 64bit
AMD A10-7850K processor... 16 GB ram

To be clear...
You are talking about exporting the .mscz file as .mp3... yes?
It has nothing to do with uploading (.mp3) to the MuseScore.com site.

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Hi, Still no suggestion on how to convert to MP3? I have a friend who has exactly the same problem: sometimes (1 in ten tries) a MuseScore file will quickly convert to mp3. Other times you have to try over and over again each time taking as long as 1 minute and then often not even completing - it seems to just give up, and sometimes up to 15 times before it will export properly (in 3 -5 sec).

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