Help me with Multi Measure rests

• May 12, 2018 - 02:01

Don't_Stop_Believin'.mscz Hi, I am a muse score person who needs help with multi measure rests. I am in muse score 2.2. I am using multi measure rests for my band song. I followed the steps on the page. I did "Style", "General', and then checked multi measure rests. When I hit apply, nothing happened expect the extra measures that I wasn't using yet at the end had bar measures. I have a few measures with only certain instruments playing. Also, I couldn't use Apply to all parts. Please help me.

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To turn on multi measure rests in a score with several parts, every staff must have rests at the same time. If this condition is met, press M to create multi measure rests. When you make parts (using file->parts) the default is for multi measure rests to be turned on. You must be in a part for the option to apply to all parts.

See for more info on parts.

Your score has no parts yet, so there is no point in trying to turn on multimeasure rests - they aren't relevant yet. And when you do generate parts (File / Parts), you'll find multimeasure rests are already enabled by defaultt - you don't need to mess with style settings at all normally.

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