Text editing deficiencies

• May 15, 2018 - 16:01

Maybe this should be separate items. Since musescore.com capped postings at 5000 chars, I am no longer able to use "About" to express chapter-length writings, and have been forced to using, nay, exploiting, Staff Text and Text Frames, which suffer similar difficulties:

  1. No "undo" of text operations.
  2. Cut/paste loses all typography, e.g., italics.
  3. Pasting a multi-line cut, instead of creating new lines, merges them with lines there, unlike
    every other editing tool known, with no easy way to fix.
  4. Sure would like clickable links.

Of course, the lack of word-wrap is a huge problem, requiring manual filling every time extant text is changed.

How about "real edit box as provided by the operating system"?

I don't hope for these any time soon, but they are constant annoyances covering reasonable expectations.


Undo is working for 3.0, which is nice, but the rest is still valid. We often say we don't intend to implement a full-fledged word processor, but it's worth considering what is worth doing. I think this could make an interesting GSoC project.

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