Musescore Connect: Crashes whenever I click search or log in (please help!)

• Jul 4, 2014 - 17:29

In the program, there seems to be a bug where whenever I click the search or login button, the Musescore Connect pannel disappears. Any help would be appreciated!!


Could you share your operating system, and just for the reference also the MuseScore version you are using. I can't reproduce the problem at this moment on Mac OS X with version 1.3.

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Vista - 1.3
I open a score;
Show MuseScore Connect;
I enter a name in the search box;
MuseScore Connect vanishes.

I open a score;
Show MuseScore Connect;
I choose a score (eg, We Are Young);
The score is open MuseScore Connect vanishes.

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I've been having this problem as well! I made sure that the application was allowed access to the internet by the firewall, but the issue remains. I am using Windows 8.1 and MuseScore 1.3, if that's any help.

I've been having the same (or a similar) problem. When I click 'Log In' in the MuseScore Connect panel, the panel disappears. When I turn it back on via the Display menu, I see "Could not

To connect with the community,
you need to have internet
connection enabled"

and a Retry button. Then the same thing happens when I try to log in. This is using Windows 7, MuseScore 1.3, Revision 5702.

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I put my issue on this forum because I dont know how to make a forum:

I want to hide 2 instruments completely but I want them to still have the notes.

No I am NOT talking about the empty staves option. I want to know how to hide instruments but they STILL play because I want it to be a background part.

Here is an example on what I am talking about (PLAY THE VIDEO) [THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO]

I want my 2 cello's to still play but I want the instrument to be hidden so that it only shows the viola part.

Help me hide playing instrument

Hey everyone, thanks a lot for your patience. While I could still not reproduce the problem on Windows or Mac OS X, I have put a possible fix in place. The problem is most likely introduced due to the SSL certificate that was recently put in place to offer a complete secure login and browsing experience on Please report back if the problem still occurs. Thanks for your support.

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