No time signature score

• May 22, 2018 - 12:01

I need a score with no time signature, but a score with measures and time signature invisible is not useful. I need to know if I can create a score with any measures neither any time signatures. If it's not possible, I'd suggest to add this feature, it would be extremely useful (at least for me, but I think it would help many people).


Don't make the time signatures invisible, tell MuseScore not to display them at all, by right clicking the staff, selecting Staff Properties, and unchecking "Show time signature". Then use the Split and Join commands in Edit / Measure to build up "measures" that are exactly the length you want to fit onto the system. The result is exactly what you'd want.

Also right click the staff and under measure properties change the actual duration if you have too many beats on a line.

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