Sheet Music Scanning Software?

• May 28, 2018 - 19:32

What is your go-to sheet music scanning software? Right now what I've found is "capella scan" and "Neuratron Photoscore" for scanning. I think there's also Forte Notation but I have not been able to get a demo to download.

Have you used either software and what are your thoughts? If you use another package, please let me know what you're using as I want to make sure to get the best bang for my buck.

I am not yet good enough of a piano player to record via MIDI nor manually type-in or play notes, so this is a necessary evil for me, so to speak.

Thank you for your help.



You don't need to be a good piano player to type in notes - it's actually quite fast and efficient even for people with no musical training whatsoever. It's generally more efficient and less error-prone than even the best PDF import tools.

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If it worked flawlessly, sure, scanning is always faster. But it rarely does, even with the best software, and the amount of time required to proofread and correct the errors is often more than. What it would take to enter from scratch. Not always, but often. Anyhow, ties and dynamics can be entered extremely quickly as welk, again, no piano skills required at all.

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I appreciate your comment, thank you. I guess I'm just going to have to try! I'm getting too old to learn new stuff, heh. But the end result will be worth it to have a clean copy of the sheet music that I can use for arranging, separating vocals for folks to practice, and most importantly transposing.

I'm sure there's a beginner tutorial for musescore which I will search for. If you happen to know of a link to one off the bat, your reply with link would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I just took a peek on shap eye and even though most of the scanned score been detected correctly, it's a drag to correct the few wrong things. I had tried a SATB brass piece arranged in a two sytem treble and bass score. Sometimes only one note was missing in a bar. But I didn't find an easy way to add it, if no rest had been provided. So I deleted the whole bar and typed in all the entries from scratch. In the end I had invested more time and the result had been a worse sheet compared with completely manual entry. But maybe I'm only missing some cue for the problem mentioned above.

I have attached the score up to the bar where teh bass is missing the first three entries. It should have been a 1/4 rest followed by a 1/4 "d" and a 1/4 "g". The "a" on count 4 is placed correctly. I can't seem to add the required notes and the rest into that voice.

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If this is what you want:

Select the last measure of the bass clef by clicking on an empty area in the measure. (A blue box will enclose the measure.)
1. Use menu item: Tools -> Voices -> Exchange Voice 1-2
2. Repeat step #1 and you should see the voices reestablished along with any missing voice 2 rest(s).
3. Click on the dotted half rest in voice 2 and press 5 followed by 0 (zero) to create the 1/4 rest.
4. Press D followed by G.
5. If you wish the G an octave lower, with the G selected, press Ctrl+down arrow.

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Thank you, thats what I was looking for. Still quite a lot of steps but definitely better than everyting that I have tried before. So I have assigned a shortcut to that function. First time Musescore crashed when assigning the shortcut. But second attempt worked well. Knowing this I may have a chance to be qucker when editing a scanned score vs. typed in directly.

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"Sometimes only one note was missing in a bar. But I didn't find an easy way to add it, if no rest had been provided"
Inserting a note in SharpEye where there is no matching note or rest is actually simple:
- right-click in an empty area to bring up the top menu bar for insert
- select the note duration (either on the top menu bar, or with function keys F5-F10)
- right-click on the staff where you want the new note to appear
- to toggle stem direction, press F2

I attach a copy of the SharpEye manual - see p.16 for list of shortcut info.

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Not sure if everyone will see this addition.

I got "capella scan" and it's fantastic. Takes PDFs and converts them to playable files. It's very intuitive after a few minutes on how to adjust those few things that don't get scanned correctly. There's always a few notes that need to be fixed but the indicators post-scan make most of them easy to find. And then there's a little midi piano from within the software that can play the song back so you can hear any mistakes. This program was much, much better than all the others I tried.

Good luck y'all. :)

I tried some Music OCR s/w, finally, stick with Neuratron Photoscore some years ago.

To get good recognition result, you need fair quality source of scanned copies or PDF.

The final process, very time killing and painful ---->> Make corrections.

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