How to stop automatic note placing

• May 29, 2018 - 22:53

Whenever I change the duration of my note (i.e. making it from a quarter to an eighth), the software automatically places a B of that duration. How can I fix this?


Stop pressing the B on your keyboard? MuseScore is not supposed to change or add a note when you change its duration. The proper way to change an existing note is to exit note entry mode, press Esc until the N in the top left corner is not pressed. Select the note, usually by clicking it. Press the number that corresponds to the new duration or click the note symbol in the note input toolbar. I'm not sure what you might be doing to get the B unless you are missing the N when you toggle note input mode.

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Absolutely a good catch! Perhaps @JammingHippo456 is using the wrong mode thinking it is necessary. When you are not in note input mode, as I described above, you can change the duration of a note just by entering the new duration.

The Rhythm mode is used to enter extended rhythms that will later have the pitches changed by the Re-Pitch mode.

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