VST support and virtual instruments

• May 31, 2018 - 18:33

SSS5 wrote the topic "VST Support?." I join their desire that a possible version 3 of Musescore include connection to external Vst's and be able to include libraries of instruments like Garritan Personal Orchestra.
The solution through "jack control", "loopBe1" and other external programs seems to me quite complicated and doubtful. However, most notation programs (sibelius, overture, notion) can use quality instrument libraries (GPO, VSL or Kontak) with a single click, just as in Musescore the Soundfonts files sf2, sf3 or sfz are used.


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Yes, but having just been playing lately myself (with JACK, VST's and Minihost Modular), it STILL cannot assign MIDI channels except through an XML file - AWFUL!!
I discovered some guy had cracked it back in summer 2015 by adding options in the Mixer, but it was not adopted?! MAJOR problem!
I love scoring / transcribing and hope to get a Roland Aerophone soon. Would love to perform using Musescore with the above setup, but MIDI channel assignment is a MAJOR ommission.
I heard it may be in version 3 (whenever ??!!). Would be nice for clarification (currently using latest v2.2.1)


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