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• Jun 4, 2018 - 09:40

I can't change the folder location - whatever I enter in Preferences > General > Folders, the software just goes searches in its original location.

Are there any specific requirements for the folder location?



2.2.1? Which operating system?
Here (Windows) the folder is apparently empty if I reach it by preferences, but scores are present if I open it by browsing resources


Assuming you mean the locations for scores, that setting really only affects initial use of the program. After that, it remember the last used location. That is, File / Open uses the last location you selected in that dialog, File / Save As the last location you selected in that dialog, etc. So once you successfully open or save a file from a given place, it will keep going there, no need to mess with the preferences.

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We might be talking about two different things here. Files always stay where you save them, neither MuseScore nor any other program would ever move any of your files without your specifically telling the program to (eg, using cut and paste or drag and drop). But if you open a file using File / Open, then the next time you use File / Open, the default folder for the dialog will be the same as the the last time you used File / Open. Whether or not you used Save As has no bearing on this.

So, File / Open to open file A from folder X, then do Save As to save it using the name B in folder Y. Next time you do File / Open, the default folder will be X. Next time you do Save As, the default folder will be Y. But your file A stays in X where it always has been, and file B stays in Y right where you put it.

We definitely seem to be talking about at least two different things here :-)

But it seems appropriate to post this in this thread...

I wanted to move all the Muse folders under Preferences > General > Folders. It has them all under ~/Documents. But I'm trying to keep that folder empty and keep all my docs in Dropbox.

Normally, you don't want to move folders while an app is running. But if you move them while it's not running, it re-creates them where they were before the next time it launches.

So instead, while the app was running, I copied all the folders to the new location. Then I fixed one pointer at a time, quit the app, restarted, and it seems to have settled down.

If there's a better way, it would be nice to have it published somewhere; or better yet, explained right on that form. If there's not a better way, there should be a better way :-)

But I agree with a less cordial poster in another thread that Muse should ask us where these files should go rather than just putting them where it wants without notice. I'm pretty sure when I upgraded to MuseScore 3.X is when they showed up.


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What you did is fine. MuseScore doesn't actually create the fders each time you start, only on install, so it would have been equally fine to move the folders with MuseScore shut down.

Also, yes, the "MuseScore 3" folders were created when you installed MuseScore 3, just as "MuseScore 2" folders were created when you installed MuseScore 2.

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