Natural Harmonics for string instruments

• Jun 6, 2018 - 14:49

How do I add a diamond mark for whole notes in MuseScore? I am in the zone right now engraving and unable to really google it and search..being real though I did google it for a few minutes and found some old posts. Thanks.


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Different people notate harmonics different ways of notating harmonics, but for the record, the method I am most familiar does not use diamond noteheads for natural harmonics - the usual symbol is a circle. You can use the Ouvert from the the Articulations palette, or the Harmonic from the Symbols palette (press "Z" to display). If you really want to use the diamond notehead above the note, you can also find that on the Symbols palette. But normally, diamond noteheads are used for artificial harmonics, and they are used in place, not above the note. I believe you have Elaine Gould's "Behind Bars"? Her writeup in the chapter on string notation is good.

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(My experience) In the modern banjo world (and I believe, popular and trad/folk guitar, mandolin & bass too), the diamond notehead is reasonably predominant for natural harmonics (and artificial). However, usage over time has been all over the map...usually dependent on publisher. I gotta get Gould's book.

The symbols palette is a great source. My problem has been getting a harmonic out of the playback. I have a single harmonic notated in a recent score. The score/printout looks exactly right...but playback does not seem to understand the harmonic note. I tried to go thru the staff text route (like you would normally do for something like pizzicato vs arco, etc.) but no choice available for different sounds for the banjo.

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