Aligning natural harmonic circles above selected notes when uploaded! See attached score.

• Jun 7, 2018 - 19:36 When I upload the score, the natural harmonic circles are out of alignment, but in the score they are aligned. Is there a way to align this issue with the Violas? Just trying to make it perfect. Thank you.

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The Seven Thunders Uttered.mscz 11.88 KB


Are you referring to the ones in the first measures of the viola part? Not sure what you intend them to look like, but on my system they show more or less directly above the rightmost of the two unison notes, with the left edge of the symbol aligned with the left edge of the notehead. I could believe it might show differently, though - I suspect the unison is confusing things. The order in which the two notes are drawn is probably different from one system to the next, which ordinarily doesn't matter but could here. Does that seem like a reasonable guess? if so, you might get more predictable results using multiple voices instead of unisons - then the order of the notes would be more predictable.

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