How To Add 'Saxophone, Full 'n Mellow, Medium Slow Waltz' at the top?

• Jun 8, 2018 - 22:02

I am copying a piece of simple music - 'It's a Sin To Tell A Lie' - and it has the instructions: 'Saxophone, Full 'n Mellow, Medium Slow Waltz' at the top.

On the left. On the right it has 'Words and Music by Bill Mahew'.

My Musescore title bar has 'Bill Mahew' right and left.

Should I be changing the format of my Musescore title bar?

Or should I/could I add the 'saxophone etc.. stuff below the title bar somehow?

I have been looking and have read a few threads but I've failed to learn how to do either as yet.


"My Musescore title bar has 'Bill Mahew' right and left." sounds like you have the composer (or someone) on both sides of the title frame. Editing the one on the left is as easy as double clicking it. If this doesn't help, attach your score with better instructions.

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Yes, I have filled in the composer and lyricist when creating the new score and Musescore has written them that way. It always does I think?

Now I'm happy with that. It's fine.

But I want to put the three lines: Saxophone
Full 'n Mellow
Medium Slow Waltz

up there above the actual score somewhere. Below the title. Above the actual notes, the staves.

I just wonder if there is a way.

Or is editing the 'composer' or 'lyricist' the only way?

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You can either add another vertical frame to the first measure. It will look like the title from but be below it. You could also add System text to the first beat of the song, change its appearance and move it where you want it. Editing the lyricist is not the way to go if it belongs there.

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