• Jun 10, 2018 - 16:39

It happened like this:
The first time, I went to change the tempo a little bit: the main tempo was "Dotted Crotchet = 53.55", but I wanted to add a tempo "Dotted Crotchet = 52" specifically to some measures. Then things started to become weird: the part I just defined to be a tiny bit slower turned out to be super faster than the rest. Then I updated all the tempos: turned them all into "Crotchet = X", and the speed became normal. But there was also one issue: "Crotchet = 50" had the same speed with "Crotchet = 53.55". This version is Release 2.2.5 of Blackheart, which can be seen on
So, the second time, I went to re-add "Crotchet = 50", and then this time the speed became extremely slow. I thought that the first problem I mentioned above had been fixed, so I changed the first "Crotchet = 53.55" to "Dotted Crotchet = 53.55". But its speed was still super fast. Up to then I was completely confused. This is my last version: Blackheart 2.2.5.mscz.
The MuseScore software I'm using is 2.2.1, which hasn't been changed when the problem occurred. Therefore, I really don't know what's going on with my MuseScore. Have you met the same problem just now?
I'm terribly anxious for a reply. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Howard, could you please change the title of your post to be more informative for all the users who are looking for the same topic discussion. This topic also needs to be placed in the Support Forum.

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