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• Jun 11, 2018 - 19:38


The absence of proper ligatures in Free Serif causes spacing problems. See attached Screen Shot 1 The top line shows the issue in both text and italic styles. It is possible to type in the ligatures fi and fl, but not ff, ffi or ffl. The bottom line shows examples of words with the ligature typed in manually. Is there a setting to automatically substitute proper ligatures for these letter combinations?

I have made a test using other fonts, and the correct ligatures are substituted (Screen Shot 2). This is a possible workaround, but if you type in something like "p dolce", the "p" is no longer the correct symbol for "piano".


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In the case of "p dolce" you can type ctrl+shift+p to get the p in dynamics. ctrl+shift+ any dynamic mark letter gives the proper symbol. z,r,s,m,f,p and any others I have forgotten. Though symbols like mf exist, they are not used by MuseScre. It uses m and f instead.

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I tested this, changing the dynamics font to Adobe Garamond Pro. the ctrl+shift+p doesn't work when the font isn't Free Serif. If I use Free Serif, it's easy to type in "p dolce" if I've set the style to "dynamics" If I type in something like "p Affetuoso" in Free Serif, it looks bad because it does not automatically substitute an ff ligature.

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Let me clarify. If I add a piano symbol, then double-click on it, I can type in dolce. Even if I've change the default dynamics font to Adobe Garamond Pro, I still get a proper p symbol, only the dolce changes to Adobe Garamond Pro. This may be my workaround. Still, adding automatic ligatures to Free Serif would be an improvement.

I'm using 2.2.1. The kerning improvements seem to be for dynamic symbols only (like mf, ff, etc.). This is about free serif, roman characters, in all styles.

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Jojo is correct, the symbol has to be defined in the font for you to be able to add it. If you are not aware, you can change the font in the middle of the dynamic to anything you desire. You can place your symbols into the text, then change the other text to any font you want using the tool bar at the bottom of the window. You weren't clear on your workaround, so I'm not sure if this is what you are doing.

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