Export audio and save online not working

• Jun 13, 2018 - 07:48

I have had problems in the past getting things to upload, but usually after a few dozen random attempts it will work. However, right now I can't do anything to get a score to upload. I even tried exporting as a normal .mp3 and as a .wav; each came out as a 0.00 sec file with barely any data. This relates to what happens when I save online, because pressing the play button leaves the score on the first measure, instantly stopping playback. Playback in the editor works fine, and I have tried development builds.

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Ok I did a little more testing. The score I have is about 7 mins, which should be fine because I've uploaded a 10 minute score before. However, at that size it doesn't work. I took about a 45 second section from it and copied it, then exported that and it worked. So, there appears to be a problem with the length/size, but I don't know.

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No I have plenty, but I did just try something else. I reverted to factory settings and reset the synthesizer effects. This made exporting a lot faster and the MP3 was created correctly, and I was able to save online from a different computer (my pc does the uploading to 1% then fails thing). Overall it works but synthesizer effects are broken for large scores I think.

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