Measure Properties Menu using MacBook Air

• Jun 14, 2018 - 06:46

Having chosen a measure, wanting to access MEASURE PROPERTIES, when I right-click on the measure, the menu for MEASURE PROPERTIES does not appear. Any idea why? I am using the latest update.

Things work just fine when I use musescore on my PC


How are you doing the right click? I assume you don't literally have a mouse with a left and right button (or maybe you do, but the Mac doesn't recognize this)? Using the touchpad built into most computers, either two-finger tap or Ctrl+click will do it. For some (most?) Mac's, the Ctrl+click method might be required. Also, you probably have to actually "click" it, not just tap it as with most PC touchpads. at least that's my limited experience.

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I have the same issue as the original poster you responded to. I'm using the 3rd version of muse score. I understand how to right click and I also have an Apple mouse -- neither works to bring up the Measure Properties menu. Neither does Ctrl+click. I was wondering if muse score was working on a fix for this. It's really frustrating! Thanks.

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