impossible to create runs on 64th and 128th notes.

• Jun 17, 2018 - 10:53
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by design

I have attempted to create something akin to those runs or ''blurrrrrrururururu" similar Franz List. However, one of the problems I am encountering is that when it getting towards the end of a bar. Instead of continuing on a space down below. it seems broke the current space instead. Please see screenshot. As I intended to let this be able to playable by others so readability is very important to me. As you can see the recently blue notes had broken into the next page instead.

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Status active closed

Or decrease the overall size of the score, the staff space setting.
Or split the measure.

Status (old) closed by design
Status closed by design

actually by design, MuseScore insists on having complete measures on a page, id if there is only one measure there is no way to split this automagically.