Add recognition for dash to denote minor in chords (jazz style)

• Jun 21, 2018 - 18:01

When writing lead sheets for Jazz it is common to adopt the 'real book' style of writing minor chords with a dash; e.g. "F-7" instead of "Fm7".
It is possible in the current version 2.2.1 to input dashes, but they are not recognised as an 'alternative spelling' of minor.
I would suggest that this would be integrated as an option under Style -> general -> Chord symbols(...) -> Note spelling as something like "Show minor as -"

I've attached a lead sheet drum part I was working on as well as a copy of a page from the real book.


Dashes are recognized as meaning minor. Not sure what's making you think they aren't? I just entered D-7 into your score and it worked perfectly. Just type the dash normally using the hyphen key on your keyboard.

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Thanks for looking into this so quickly :-)

I just did a test, in a way I didn't think of originally. If I have the setting "Lower case minor chords" enabled, Musescore will change the inputs Cm C- and Cmi to cm c- and cmi respectively, so I was wrong to think dash isnt recognised as a minor.

I think it's probably a question of expectation.
If i enter a dash, it is not changed to an m, nor is an m i enter changed to a dash , but having both 'spellings' isn't done.
I still think there is a feature request here - do you agree?

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Not sure - what is it you'd like to see happening that isn't? It's a feature that you can enter either "m" or "-" and it gets recognized correctly as minor. Do you mean, you'd like to be able to enter "m" but have it converted to "-" automatically? If so, this is possible with a bit of work (you need to create a custom chord description file, see Style / General / Chord Symbols). If you want to take a chart that was originally created using "m" and convert it to use "-" instead, that's something that would indeed be interesting to be able to do someday. It could probably be done via some sort of plugin or script.

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