Single note Dynamics (eg. fortepiano, rinforzando, sforzando)

I see them on the pallete, but they do absolutely nothing. I hope that Musescore will have this feature in the future.


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The default velocity for fp, ffp and all dynamics with r,z and s is 0. If you want MuseScore to interpret it as mf then you can change the velocity to 80 on the fp, then insert an invisible p on the following note. This is better since MuseScore will not be forced to make a decision as to play the fp (0 = no change) or mf (80). It may or may not make the wrong decision.

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It could be nice if Musescore was programmed to guess. It would also be nice if like I said, the dynamic marking would only effect that one note and the notes afterwards would be unaffected. For fortepiano, it should act as fortissimo if the last dynamic was forte, and act as forte if the last dynamic was mezzo-forte it mezzo-piano. For any quieter Dy, it should raise the note two dynamics. If anyone would prefer something different, they would need to manually set it.

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Indeed, this would good, and is quite a bit simpler than getting hairpins to work - it would not require a working of our entire MIDI output. The issue right now is that dynamics are always assumed to apply to all subsequent notes. Certain dynamics, though, are indeed meant to apply only to the note (well, all notes on that staff at that point in time) they are attached to. In principle, it would be easy enough to add a property to a dynamic marking to enable this behavior. Heck, we could even just add a new value to the existing "Dynamic range" property to say "Chord", although probably better to keep the 'vertical" range separate from the "horizontal".

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