Can We Squeeze More Staves onto the (existing) page?

• Jun 23, 2018 - 02:12

I have a score of single staves with just one stave going onto another page. I'd like to squeeze it all into the one page.
I've been looking at style/page and altering min distances between staff and grand staff and system but so far I've not even seen any difference.
Is that the way to go?


Try to select the entire score (press ctrl+a) and press { several times to see if all the measures move to the first page.

Basically four options, all of which are perfectly possible:

1) larger paper / smaller margins to allow more systems per page

2) smaller staff size to allow more systems per page

3) less distance between systems (you might need to set min system distance very small before it has enough of an effect to allow an additional system, and until that point indeed you generally won't see anything happen, since max system distance still allows MuseScore to spread them out again)

4) reducing stretch / measure spacing to fit more measures per system,, allowing you to get the music onto one fewer system

In general, I try to avoid messing with 1 or 3 as the results are normally unpleasantly crowded. Instead I focus on 2 and/or 4.

If you need further assistance, we can help better if you attach the score.

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