D.S. and repeats - how to from a novice

• Jun 24, 2018 - 22:30

Perhaps this is not a topic for MuseScore forum, but am going to try since many member are quite musically oriented.

I have an existing 8 page score w lyrics that I want to compress. It is totally linear right now as follows:
Chorus 2x

Am looking for suggestions to use D.S., Coda, etc to compress the whole.
I know I can put V2 and V3 on same staves as V1, but then I am stuck as to what to do.

THX for this off topic Q.

Dick Penny


First, I would only recommend making these kind of changes if it allows you to save an entire page or more. If it already fits on two pages, I'd probably leave it alone, but I might work a bit to get it down from three or two, or from four to three. if it's going to be more than three pages anyhow, I frankly wouldn't bother - there's going to be page turns anyhow. I see way too much rehearsal time wasted with trying to find segnos and coda and talking through complex roadmaps just to save a couple of inches of ink.

That said, in your case, I think the most straightforward thing is to put down the first verse, then put another down with repeats around it (this will be verse 2 & 3), then the chorus, then the instrumental, then the bridge, then a DS back to the repeated section for verses 4 & 5 (mark this "play repeats", and check the appropriate box in the Inspector), with a "to coda" at the end of the chorus, and the coda at the end having a second copy of the chorus. but I doubt this will get it down to three pages, so there will still be page turns either way, and you have to ask yourself it it really simplifies people's lives to have to flip back and forth like that.

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