Pitched Acciacciaturi After Notes for Correct Notation of Glissandi

• Jun 26, 2018 - 15:48
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A glissando lasts the length of the note from which it comes. Thus, if a gliss has to end whilst still sliding, this can only properly be notated with a pitched acciacciatura.

At present, using an acciacciatura symbol from the Palette is the only way of placing an acciacciatura at the end of a bar, but MuseScore really needs:

(i) to be able to pitch that final acciacciatura so that it shows the player the pitch at which the gliss ends and (ii) to recognize that that acciacciatura is a note which a gliss line can end at. - At present, MuseScore looks for the next full note to link the end of its gliss to.

The example below shows how far MuseScore can currently get. It needs to be possible for the final aciacciatura to have ledger lines to indicate pitch.


An acciacciatura is the ‘quantum’ note duration.


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Status active needs info

I;m not sure what you mean about having trouble trouble specifying the pitch of a grace note. Note what you want isn't actually an acciaccatura but a grace note after. But either can be added directly from the Grace Notes palette, and the usual commands to change pitch work fine (eg, arrow up/down) and the gliss will attach correctly in all cases I tried. So as far as I can tell, what you are asking for is already possible. Are you maybe trying to use a "Symbol" rather than an actual grace note? That indeed won't work. But actual grace notes work fine. If the issue is that want the slash (it's not really correct here since this isn't a true acciaccatura) you could just add that from the Symbols palette.