• Jun 27, 2018 - 08:58
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S5 - Suggestion

The instrument list accessible from Part Properties in MuseScore, is pretty complete. The 'Electronic Instruments' listing however, is odd in that it seems to mix up (i) synthesizer plugin name, (ii) synthesizer patch setting and (iii) synthesizer instrument type. Viz:


More usually, a composer or arranger will simply write 'Synthesizer' as the instrument name, and then above the stave themselves write 'Quasi clavichord', 'Quasi bells', 'Quasi strings' etc. (as recommended in Don Ray's excellent 'Orchestration Handbook', used by many.) This is because synthesizers can produce countless sounds.

What on Earth is a 'Sci-Fi Synthesizer' (in the list) anyway?! - Surely most synthesizers can produce 'sci-fi' sounds if the programmer wishes. (...Whatever a 'sci-fi' sound is anyway.)

Feature Request:


  1. the Electronic Instruments section be cleaned up to become more generic,
  2. the simple instrument 'Synthesizer' be added to the list of electronic instruments and finally
  3. the instruments be presented in alphabetical order so that they are easier to find?

I appreciate it may be possible for the user to program in their own instrument list, but out-of-the-box, MuseScore shoud not perhaps be presenting synthesizers as it currently is.

Thanks guys!


ad 1) these are the instruments or patches GM provides
ad 2) adding a generic synthesizer might make sense indeed, but it basically is just a keyboard.
ad 3) alphabetical order may not make much sense, as when translated into other languages that order changes