Notes in different voices overlap

• Jul 7, 2014 - 15:38

Please refer to my attachment. The notes in different voices a step apart overlap instead of staying side by side, when they are part of a chord. When it's just a single note in each voice, they display correctly. I would be really grateful if this could be corrected as I find myself needing this feature rather often.

Thank you so much for blessing us with a free notation software! I have used Musescore to write countless scores for my YouTube piano covers :)

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I realize your attachment shows the way MuseScore 1.3 renders the notes you have entered, but you don't say if you have found the means to correct the note placement? Things like nudging notes in edit mode, or mirror note head (Shift+X), etc...


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Many score elements (even note heads) can be re-positioned by double clicking on them to enter edit mode. (The status bar displays 'Edit mode' at the very bottom of the MuseScore screen.)

In edit mode, you can move the note heads in different increments by using left/right arrow, for moving a space; or Ctrl+arrow, for 1/10th; or Alt+arrow, for 1/100th.


P.S. You may be waiting some time for the next release of MuseScore, so I'd say for the time being just use the present version 1.3 and do the editing for those instances of overlapping notes. After all, they mainly occur when entering close intervals.


Thank you very much for your reply and the link to the thread. It was an eye opener. I'm grateful that the problem has been fixed :-) When might we expect the update/new release?

Thanks so much, guys, for the heads-up on the edit functions! I'll be trying them out soon :-)
And thanks for helping to develop Musescore! I'll be checking out the donate link soon too :-)

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