Concert pitch for barione treble clef

• Jun 29, 2018 - 22:42

I use baritone treble clef quite a bit because we have a treble player in my brass group. I do a lot of transcription of choral scores, so I usually set it for concert pitch while I'm entering notes. When I turn off concert pitch it adjust the trumpets and horn correctly, but it leaves the baritone treble clef in concert pitch. That is correct for the rest of the lower brass, but the treble baritone reads a step higher, just like the trumpets do.
I believe this is just a bug in the program because when I copy and paste an existing baritone VOICE part into the baritone treble clef horn staff it does the adjustment of raising it a major second.



Something seems not right, then. You say notes you entered using copy & paste do transpose, that shows the transposition is working. How did you enter the notes that aren't transposing, then? Also, what version of MuseScore, and did this score start its life in that version or was it maybe imported from an older version or even a different program entirely?

In order to assist further, we'd need you to attach the score you are having trouble with. But I can confirm that baritone treble clef does normally transpose correctly. With concert pitch enabled, you should be seeing a bass clef, and if you enter a middle line "D" and then turn concert pitch off, you should see the clef change to treble and the note change to bottom line "E". Works as expected for me.

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I'm currently using 2.2.1, but I suspect you're correct about this score starting life in an earlier version. I think it may have been done before I realized that baritone treble clef was available as an option under the all instruments list. I suspect what I did with this one was to use standard baritone and then just manually transposed it in my finished copy.

I think I'll redo this one, deleting the existing baritone line and adding a treble baritone back in.

Thanks for your help. When I saw your mention of an older version it jogged my memory about my stumbling around as a fledgling user at the time I did this one.

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