Bulk selection changes to Piano Roll chord duration lengths

• Jul 2, 2018 - 06:02

Is it possible to change the length of many notes in Piano Roll with a bulk highlighted selection ?

I tried Ctrl - click, and the blocks went yellow, but this did not seem to work, and had to change them individually.

My score template has all the chords from Ab to C# ( circle of fifths ) and M,n,7th and dim for each one, so that is a lot : )



I found that if I hold left click, drag mouse, the blocks on the Piano Roll highlight yellow, which was great !

But after I changed length to a smaller value, say Len:300, it did not save it for all the highlighted blocks.

Does anybody know how to make it work for a selection ?

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I exported to a free midi editor. Highlighting and changing the duration of all the chords was easy and worked as expected.

Just one big problem though, after the editing I opened it up in Musescore and all the notation was weird - it was trying to show what the midi editor did, which causes hemi demi semi's alll over the place.

help : (


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Midi editors do not save all of the notation information used by notation programs such as MuseScore. You have moved the start and stop point of much of the music so MuseScore tried to represent what you did as best it could I'm sure.

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