Entering chord symbols

• Jul 7, 2014 - 16:29

There is a feature that I used to use (but have been unable to recreate) that allows chords to be entered using a dialog box with radio buttons. I can't find a description of it in the manual, but I have used it for at least one chart in the past. Can you please explain how to access this chord selection box? By use of the chord selection box, transposition of the chord symbols works.



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Yes! Use of the right click and selection of harmony properties gets one to the dialog box! Must you first enter the root of the chord in order to get to the dialog box? Control K gets one to a chord box, but the right click shows nothing until a root note is entered into the chord box.

I have not found any discussion of Harmony Properties (or how to get to the chord entry box) in the manual - is there a discussion in the manual (online or pdf)?

Further, I see no way of getting to Harmony Properties unless a chord is initially entered above a note. Am I missing something? Is there a way to get to harmony properties of a chord without initially entering a root letter after control K is entered?

2nd question - does transposition work if one doesn't enter a chord symbol using Harmony Properties?

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For the properties dialog to be available you have to have a chordname first. The next version of MuseScore doesn't have that dialog anymore.
Transposition works, even without that dialog, if the chord name had been entered correctly, matching the selected chord style. My 'trick' here is to always enter them in lower case, if the turn into upper case, they have been recognized and would transpose

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Realistically, Harmny Properties should never have existed, but was an occasionally useful fallback if you couldn't figure out how to spell a chord you might want in a way MuseScore would understand. For MuseScore 2.0, virtually anything you type that is remotely sensibile will be understood correctly, so even that slight need for Harmony Properties has gone away, and thus, so will the dialog it.

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