Restricting note range

• Jul 5, 2018 - 10:08

is there any way that Music score can restrict the note range - for example a glockenspiel or a harpsichord can have a different range to a piano? Now the stupid question - if so how do you do this?


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See above. MuseScore can't be setup to restrict you in which notes you enter, but it can help you by coloring out-of-range notes, so you see where you did wrong.
However, this coloring fails completely if the range is not consecutive (e.g. harmonicas). For this a plugin might help and highlight these notes later

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Unless you call writing a plugin a workaround there really is no workaround. The coloring of playable notes in a range is continuous. Every note in the playable range is black every note above or below it changes colors. The notes in a scale (except chromatic) are noncontinuous. You cannot make all of the D's,E's,G's etc. change colors by indicating the playable range.

There are requests to support non-consecutive notes in other contexts that could be applied in this situation. They are mostly related to diatonic tuned instruments (you can search for diatonic and find the discussions if interested). If support for diatonic tuned instruments were implemented it would be rather easy to also apply the techniques to a situation as you are requesting.

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