Repeat inside D.S Coda won't work for me!

• Jul 5, 2018 - 14:22

Hello everyone! I have stumbled upon this weird problem...Musescore won't play a repeat of a section
( ||: :|| ) inside a Dal Segno repeat! Below there is the file so you can check out if it works for you!! Thank you in advance..


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Boa tarde Jojo, encontrei este mesmo problema em uma partitura minha, depois que encontra o DS as repetições não são reproduzidas. Já marquei o "reproduzir repetições" no Inspetor, mas não funcionou. Minha versão é a 2.3.1.
Você tem uma sugestão para solucionar este problema?

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Google translate:
Good afternoon Jojo, I found this same problem in a score of mine, after finding the DS the repetitions are not reproduced. I have already marked the "play repeats" in the Inspector, but it did not work. My version is 2.3.1.
Do you have a suggestion to solve this problem?

Indeed a score is needed to tell.

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I apologized and ended up doing it again, lol
Sorry for the previous post in Portuguese.
I was able to solve the problem of returns.
however, when I play the score in the mobile App the problem persists.
the WEB version and the PC works perfectly. But in the Songbook the score does not obey the return bars after passing through "DS Al CODA"

If you are using version 2.2.1 or later you need to click the D.S. al Segno and check the "Play repeats" box. If you are not using 2.2.1 you might as well update to 2.3 from the download page. P.S. Versions 2.1 and earlier did not have this box and could not play the repeats inside as DS or DC section.

Thanks for the fast reply! "Play Repeats" is pushed in when i click Dal Segno... However, playback does not follow repeat of the section! I think i might be doing something wrong...

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You're still not getting me: I am talking about the 'Play repeats' check box in Inspector, when selecting the "D.S al Coda" (and having Inspector open), not about the Play repeats' button in the toolbar.
In general simple repeats (|:...:|) are not taken on jumps (D.C, D.S. etc.), that's why this checkbox is disabled by default (and doesn't exist prior to MuseScore 2.2)

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Do this:

Click the D.S. al Segno
Open the inspector by pressing F8 if it's not open already
If there is a scroll bar in the inspector scroll down until you see the words "Play repeats"
Check the box to the left of those words.
Play the score and the repeats will now play.

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