Bar/measure moves to next line when I try to alter one note.

• Jul 11, 2018 - 16:02

I am using Musescore 2.3.1 on an iMac. When I try to change an eighth note D (PERFIDIA INTRO 1 ATTACHED) to a low A, the entire bar/measure containing the eight note D expands and moves down to the next system (PERFIDIA INTRO 2 ATTACHED). Can anyone help me resolve this problem? Grateful for any advice.

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PERFIDIA intro 1.pdf 76.6 KB
PERFIDIA INTRO 2.pdf 110.69 KB


For the record, this happens because the low A requires a ledger line, which takes up a tiny bit more room, and that line was right on the edge of being able to fit as it was. That extra fraction of a millimeter was enough to put it over the edge. Reducing stretch does indeed solve it. Best to do it for the whole line, so the spacing remains proportionate.

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