Volta Properties for a song

• Jul 11, 2018 - 17:35

I am having trouble with the volta properties as the song is not repeating as it should.

My song should be as follows: Chorus, Verse 1; Chorus, Verse 2; Chorus, Verse 3; and Chorus, Verse 4; ending with Chorus

I am not able to achieve this.

Could someone tell me how ?

My score is attached. The song is quite long since it has 4 verses. I am still using 2.1 which worked well before with other songs.


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Repeat 4 times (play count 4 in measure 25), and have a D.C al Fine at the end of the last verse and a Fine at the end of the Chorus
Or don't use voltas and repeat barlines at all, but multiple D.C. al Coda, To Coda and Coda and modify their tags accordingly (and a D.C al Fine at the end, see above)

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Worked out the version using jumps. See attached.

  1. Replaced each current 'Verse x' Staff Text with a coda from the palette; changed the text for them by double clicking the coda into edit mode, then typing. Also changed their label in the inspector to become verseX
  2. Replaced each end repeat barline with a normal double barline
  3. Added a D.C. al Coda to the last measures of each verse (except the last one). Changed their "play until" value to fine and the continue at to the following verseX. Also changed their text.
  4. Changed the text of the D.C. al fine at the end of verse 4
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The_Lord_Is_My_Shepherd_-_Peter_Low.mscz 15.47 KB

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